About our campaign:

During the period of sanctions against Russia entered Western "partners" many foreign companies are leaving the Russian market. However, do not all! Attention! The new project "We love Russia" has been started. This set of measures will allow you to join the ranks of our movement not only to Russian producers, but also to those foreign companies, who can really say "We love Russia!". For most global companies Russia has become not only a second home, but also a constantly developing market of products and services. Due to the active work on the territory of the Russian Federation it has been managed to increase profits and to enhance the international status of many companies. The introduction of sanctions against our country from Europe and America, in the mail part, brought a negative impact on the detractors. The worst error of foreign company is making the decision to resign from the Russian market. The loss of the market of the Russian Federation shall entail huge losses for companies.
Gentlemen, let's stop dealing with the economy, and let's make the clean ECONOMY!
Business without borders and political prejudices! It's not only the scheme of the "Goods-Money-Goods", but also the exchange of invaluable experience and technology! There are a lot of Examples of such integration, such as: AVTOVAZ, AVTOFRAMOS, SOLLERS and other companies that successfully work in the Russian market and are still strong!
In the company's products presented on the territory of Russia there will be a specially designed logo of the action "We love Russia!". In the framework of the movement foreign companies are able to participate in the events organized under the banner of "Support all our Russian" and "We love Russia".
We will be glad to answer all Your questions:

The head of the project
Vladimir Ferapontov